The ulitmate swipe file which gives you templates that work.

If you find it hard to create content for social media, emails  and marketing mediums then look no further. Take from the best, companies that have spent £millions on crafting the right message. You just have to adapt to your service or product - the template is there so you know the layout and content that converts.

The GameChanger! Templates

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  • Included : 

    -  Introduction : the importance of properly understanding your customer

    - Quick Wins : three things that you can do easily, straight away, that will get you more customers

    - Get Meetings B2B : templates about getting you meetings with people

    - Filling Your Stadium : emplates and initiatives designed to grow your customer list

    - Get PR : template Press Releases all about increasing awareness and raising your profile

    - Behind the Curtain : campaigns for taking people who know you and getting them primed and ready to buy

    - Maximising Your Profits : now you've got customers, how do you make the most of them?

    - Get Reviews : maximise and leverage the goodwill you have with your customers

    - Nigel's Amazing Swipe File ; 15 years to compile so that you don't have to start from scratch ever again nor be short of ideas

    BONUS! ccess your bonuses including Joint Venture templates and your Marketing Critique Voucher


  • Life-time access to online templates!