Everything you need to produce successful Facebook targeted ads. If you are spending money or want to get started with Facebook Ads then this course is a must. It will save you wasting money money on non-converting ads and it will get your message to your targeted audience. 

Facebook Ad Accelerator Course

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  • Includes:

    - tactics and ‘hacks’ that we’ve seen and developed that can have a HUGE impact on the success of your Facebook Ads

    - a walkthrough of every marketer and business owners nightmare - why people don’t always do what we want them to do AND we’ll show you how to fix it

    - template Toolbox’ fill-in-the-blank style templates for everything you need to successfully and effectively follow-up with the leads and enquiries you generate from Facebook Ads

    - Weekly Coaching Calls with the EC Facebook Ads team to answer your questions during a group Q&A

    - Module One: Fundamentals and Foundations

    - Module Two: Setting Your Strategy

    - Module Three: Facebook’s Inner Workings

    - Module Four: Facebook Ad Targeting

    - Module Five: Crafting Winning Facebook Ads

    - Module Six: Campaign Genesis (it’s alive!)

    - Module Seven: Real-Life Examples : a rare opportunity to come behind the scenes in other people’s businesses and see what’s working now.

  • Online resource - access for life!